Hey there. I’m Sonika Asif, and I’m so glad you’re excited to enter my world and activate your money codes + build your spiritual empire.

And right now, I’ve joined forces to create something BEYOND this world as we know it. A totally pure, alien frequency that will help you manifest-on-demand and create real magic in your life.

I’m so excited to be piloting this spaceship as I bring you along to explore the multiverse. This is where consciousness began. It’s where raw materials are gathered, mined, and eventually alchemized into beautiful, glistening gold.

I have worked with the biggest spiritual gurus on the planet, and I have come to realize (and see for myself) the massively flawed codes of consciousness floating around in our reality, being consumed and absorbed by the masses who are hoping for the magic dust that changes everything – and then it doesn’t. And it falls short.And no ones talking about it.

Well, except us.

So, we’re about to help you experience a totally alien frequency. It’s the God frequency. It’s the very beginning of when the codes of consciousness were just being put into place.

This is also the future – since we’re moving forward, back in time.Inside, you will find (more and more as we reach new universes), amazing consciousness, genius, and empire-building programs that will change the way you manifest forever.

With that said, I’m so excited to step into my new alien role as The Dark CEO of Luxe Godhead, and I can’t wait to see you inside.

Go here to experience the tone of the beginning of reality as we know it: