You’re missing the magic dust.

You’ve made the decision, you chose to decree that it will be non negotiable, and you have the will to do whatever it takes.

And yet, you take action that creates very little ripple effect; in fact it looks more and more like you’re getting back only what you’re putting out in terms of physical labor.

Wtf happened to the magic energy that’s supposed to be quantum-leaping the shit out of my results and blowing my mind?

***You’re stuck in a tiny bubble of consciousness.***

This bubble is made up of all the reasons why random miracles can’t happen in your life.

It’s the bubble that has you riding on the coattails of your mentor and totally blocked from running your own kingdom because you’re comparing yourself to them

This tiny bubble is full of tired, old, limited energy that made you literally forget that there are 7 billion people in this world and a few of them might actually need YOU.

This bubble tells you that genius looks like “THIS”, and until you get there you can’t win, so you better figure this out.

You’ve created a magnetic field that REPELS the magic dust. And brings in old, tired energy that is barely alive – thus doesn’t fulfill you and bores the hell out of you.

You’re also totally blocked from inspiration because your bubble is filled with the belief that no matter what you write it won’t result in a sale anyway so why bother?

The magic dust isn’t being sprinkled on your tiny irrelevant actions, turning them into monsters that tear down illusions and bring truth.

So…. you’re not reaching who you need to, and giving them the chills of truth.

You’re not bursting the bubble because you don’t even know you’re in one.

The dream remains a dream because you will forever never be able to reach it.

Unless you take this pin, and pop that damn bubble. Remove the walls of current consciousness, and dare to float anyway.

The magic dust will finally touch you. It will graze your skin, leaving behind beautiful tinges of gold that cause your perfect clients to turn heads and look at you in awe from their bubbles.

And then they will ask you to pop theirs.

Like birthing a brand new genius baby.

The magic awaits your decision.