How do you respond to people who message you about your offers?

It’s amazing to me how many spiritual entrepreneurs get caught up in the right way to do things when it comes to building a relationship with prospects/clients.

A relationship with a potential client, like all relationships in your life, should be based on absolute truth.

It means you don’t bend over backwards to cater to them, and you also don’t have a wall because you’re trying to be “professional”.

Being you is supposed to be the easiest thing in the world, and it’s amazing how out of practice most spiritual entrepreneurs are in this area.

I was having an amazing conversation with a client inside my Spiritual Influencer Association membership, and she mentioned she would freeze up when responding to people who messaged her.

The last thing you should ever be worried about when responding to someone is “scaring them away” or “losing them”. That’s not a real relationship.

There is no lack of clients out there for you – this means you get to be you and you get to HOLD OUT for the perfect ones who want nothing more than for you to be you – because it’s why they reached out in the first place!

Don’t change your colors because they reached out/paid/enrolled. They enrolled for your genius from the start, and they aren’t looking for anything else but MORE OF IT.

Release the stress and enjoy YOU where you are NOW. It’s the only way to build a lasting foundation for your spiritual empire.