I’m totally ready. I don’t need to read a thing. SIGN ME UP NOW!

Tell me one thing…

How hard have you worked on manifesting money?

How much have you invested in yourself?

What’s the biggest money manifestation you’ve ever had?

How successfully are you attracting clients?

How long ago was that?

This is your clue of how well you’re doing.

If there’s one thing I’m known for… it’s that I understand the law of attraction to it’s CORE.

I have studied every single expert/teacher/book you can think of.

In fact, I used to be mentored by one of the top LOA teachers in the industry (he was even featured on The Secret).

So I’ve got the inside scoop, if you will, to the world of LOA and money manifestation and attraction.

But i discovered one major problem.

Okay two major problems.

Firstly, most law of attraction coaches/teachers/experts are regurgitating the same exact information.

And the second, bigger problem: Almost 90% of the people who are trying to apply that regurgitated information
aren’t getting consistent results in their business!

If you’re nodding your head in total shock right now, you’re likely one of them; you’re not seeing the results you want.

And you have no idea who to turn to because they all speak the same language – and you just end up thinking…
YOU’RE the crazy one.

I’m Sonika Asif.

And you’re not crazy.

Let’s talk about my money manifestations:

  • A $60M+ land deal
  • $5k days
  • $10k days
  • $15k days
  • $30k months
  • $50k months
  • $100k months (and days)
  • Full paying clients
  • $90k launches

… You get the picture.

After successfully running a spiritual business with my husband, I am now creating my own spiritual influencer brand, that just began in June 2019.

You and money have a relationship.

That relationship has been going on for a long time.

Affirmations, vision boards and repetition will NOT help you.

They provide temporary relief to a much deeper issue.

That’s where I can help you.

I understand money. It understands me.

It comes when I call.

I make powerful decisions with it.

I know how to receive it.

I know how to attract clients who pay you –
even if you don’t have ANY following.

I know how to HOLD it so it doesn’t leave.

I know how to release it.

And I know how to help others do the same.

I created this six-week academy for you.

During these six weeks, I will show you how to build a spiritual empire that sustains, grows, and creates easy profit and JOY.

I will discuss money attraction.

I will tell you how to bring it in.

I will tell you how to keep it.

I will discuss the energy of savings.

I will discuss the energy of cash.

I will discuss building your spiritual empire.

I will discuss and help you launch your business/offer.

I will discuss receiving high-paying clients.

I will discuss consistent money manifestation.

I will discuss all the pitfalls to AVOID in today’s LOA world.

And most importantly…

I will teach you how to TRUST your intuition.

I’m not usually a digital course kind of gal.

But you do weird things when you follow your intuition.

Like the time it told me to play video games when it didn’t make sense only to create $50k in cash for me within two weeks.

This is one big game.

And I REALLY want you to master it.

I’m not down for a lack mindset.

I’m not down for lack – anything.

Money is such a beautiful unlimited resource. And my heart’s deepest desire is for you to LIVE your life in massive luxury.

It’s time you finally learn the real deal behind the LOA fluff, and create massive money.

When I say Empire, I mean it.

You will create OVERFLOW.

You will create CONSISTENCY.

And you will DECIDE your relationship with money.

You will NOT battle with old paradigms. You will destroy them.

You will close the physical gap between this reality and the next.

You will create/launch your business and/or offer.

You will enroll high-paying clients elegantly, and easily.

You will build a business that truly brings you joy, happiness and fulfillment, the way you’ve always wanted to do it.

An empire is not a fluke. It is overflow.

SIX WEEKLY LIVE MODULES recorded side by side with you, covering money manifestation, client attraction, launches and serious magnetism.

3 Q&A MODULES for you to get all your tech, marketing, money and manifestation questions answered on a live one hour call.

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP only for Academy members. This Facebook group is activating, and a great place to participate and share!

5 EMOTIONAL MASTERY VIDEOS introducing shadow alchemy + discussing the shadow/light archetypes that we will be working with.

6 TRAINING VIDEOS from my Spiritual Empire Soiree event that have literally created thousands of dollars for participants in DAYS.

3 TECHNOLOGY TUTORIALS which will be based on a vote once we begin the course. Take your pick and I’ll walk you through it!

I will activate your money codes.

I will reboot you at a root level.

You will collapse time.


– Get access to the FB live calls of all six modules

– Get all recordings for life.

– Pre-work module including 5 bonus foundation videos
(Valued at $1,000)

– Free access to my Spiritual Empire Soiree event recordings
(5 powerful videos to build your empire)

-Private Facebook Group where I am active daily answering your questions.

By making this payment you agree to our terms.


– Get access to the FB live calls of all six modules

– Get all recordings for life.

– Pre-work module including 5 bonus foundation videos
(Valued at $1,000)

– Free access to my Spiritual Empire Soiree event recordings
(5 powerful videos to build your empire)

-Private Facebook Group where I am active daily answering your questions.

– Receive 3 x 30 min private coaching calls

-Receive unlimited Voxer coaching







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I started working w Sonika about one month ago. At that time, I was stepping out of the cycle of crisis & knew I wanted support in the small details & day to day of developing my business. She told me truth without apology & gave right-on instructions for my next step.

I was able to unlock over $20,000 of an inheritance left for me that up til now was under someone else’s control. Anytime I went to have the talk for my money to be released to be, there was tons of emotion, distrust & it never ended in resolution.

This time, largely through my work with Sonika – learning how reality is the external manifestation of my inner world, the conversation was without drama, was full of respect & within 2 weeks, my money was in my bank account!
Also, the sum ended up being more than I expected!
Going from 3 figures to multiple 5 with ease & clarity transformed reality for ever.



Hi guys ! I would like to share my experience so far. I spoke to Sonika Madarasmi Asif I reckon around 3 weeks back. I was at rock bottom time of my life, Sonika spoke to me gave me some advice; I’ve watched 2 modules so far and the day before I shook hands on a £4 million real estate deal! Ask the universe for an opportunity that will give you a chance to earn that x amount and then just keep your eyes open and that opportunity will knock your door. That’s what I did, “asked for an opportunity which will make me that x amount”!
Sonika, Thank You for your guidance and I wish everyone All the Best!



OMG Sonika!!! You won’t believe this!!! Then again, knowing what you know & teach, you probably won’t even be surprised! …drumroll please because this REALLY deserves a drumroll…
We just attracted (brace yourself!!) £1 frickin’ Million!!! Seriously! I still remember you saying ‘you can attract money out of nothing or nowhere!’ & tada!!! We did it! We frickin’ did it! It’s true, we get what we believe!!! Thank you for lending me your belief so I too could believe! This is just the beginning, I know it! Thank you Thank you Thank you for your guidance! P.S. We’ll be purchasing our dream home with this, you’re very welcome to visit us anytime.



I grew up thinking everything needed to be difficult. That’s just the way it is and has to be. I’ve had many mentors and coaches before Sonika and I always believed I can only be successful in 5-10 years. It’s just the way it is.

When I met Sonika, I saw how easy it was for her to manifest what she wants. Just talking to her feels so aligned. It feels right. It feels pure flow. I knew right then and there that I had to stick with her no matter what!

Two days after one of our sessions I’ve manifested US$10k. 90 days into our coaching, from $5k (or less) months, I’ve manifested US $20k in a single month!

Now that I’ve been with her for almost 2 years, my business just got even more sophisticated! High End! Most importantly, it has become a business that I love! Everything in my life changed including personal life. I love who I’ve become! She’s there when I need her and she says the best advice you need at that moment! I respond differently now and this helps me manifest even more success in all aspects of life!

I could probably go on and on… but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. Right now, I’m just super excited to move forward in this journey having her by my side!



We’ve been working together for just over three weeks now and already my whole life has done a complete turnaround.  Today, in one day, I earned more money than I used to in one month. I am eternally grateful for the help, do what she says and your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. I’ve earned over $35,000 NZD in my first month!


Guarantees + Refunds + FAQ

I cannot guarantee that you’ll do the work. However, this is my life’s work and I believe in it deeply; and I know whoever does the work and commits to it will see outstanding results. But because this is a two-way street, I don’t offer refunds once you enroll. I trust that by enrolling you have made an empowered decision and are committing to show up fully.

I am here to support you in making your decision to enroll. If you have any questions before enrolling just shoot me an email at hello@sonikaasif.com and I’ll get back to you.

You get all content of the course for life.

This course is designed and created for any spiritual entrepreneur looking to manifest massive money, and truly master the art of manifestation in their business.

You are free to come back to this course any time. It is yours for life.

If you enrolled in the VIP option, you will receive 3 private calls with me spread out every two weeks. You will also receive unlimited coaching on Voxer, a voice coaching app during the entire course.

Legal Disclaimer: I do not guarantee results in any form, verbally or in writing. Testimonials on this page may not reflect or guarantee actual results.

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